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These aren't just words, they are actions and values we can all take.

All of our ranges promote the value of REUSE and are made with minimum of 50% post-consumer RPET content and a minimum 30% post-industrial PET content or between 50-70% of post industrial PP content.

Packaging made of mono-material is packaging that consists of one single material. This has the following advantage: As there are no different materials that have to be separated in a laborious process, mono-material packaging is much easier to recycle and turn into new packaging. This leads to less actual packaging waste, and less new material that needs to be brought into circulation to meet the demand for materials. In short, using mono-materials can reduce a company’s carbon footprint in terms of production and thus combat global warming

As we dont compromise on quality, our products are not just great for on-the-go eating but also perfect for use in the home for food leftovers and other uses.

Dont throw away, REUSE!

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All our PP packaging has been subjected to tests in dishwasher following the norm UNE 53928:2020 and have been declared to withstand at least 10 washing cycles. And as such being suited to reuse by the end consumer.

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